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Tom Palmer

My specialty is development advice and land planning for sustainable development and tourism projects. My passion is responsible development that delivers profit through purpose.

I’ve spent the last decade bouncing around the world working on some extraordinary projects in exciting emerging markets like North and East Africa and South America. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients just as interesting; national parks, tourism ministries, family offices, philanthropists, conservation leaders and some iconic hospitality brands.

Today, I’m Sydney-based and, although I’m still involved in a number of these international projects, I try to stay closer to home with my young family. Instead, I’m focusing on bringing some of these dynamic tourism and development models to Australia and broader Asia.

Paul Milton

With over 30 years’ experience as an advisor and partner in real estate, sustainable development and the protection of some of the world’s most important ecosystems – Paul brings the ‘grey hair’ to the business.

Paul’s depth of experience is simply too long to capture in a paragraph but, suffice to say, he has and continues to work on pioneering sustainable development models for a number of leading high-net-worth family offices, national parks and government. If you feel like a geography lesson and some casual name-dropping, go to

Marcelo Julio

Marcelo is a Mechanical Engineer – from the oil and gas sector, but don’t worry, we’ve converted him! It wasn’t a hard sell to convince this Brazilian surfer of the true and righteous path.

Marcelo is a perfectionist and one of the most motivated people I have met. With a Master’s Degree in Business and Project Management, he brings to the team a precision and clarity in project management that only someone who started his career designing ‘Flare Systems using SM3D’ (whatever that is) can bring.

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