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Our Approach

We’ve worked with family offices, national parks, NGO’s and governments, but we also work with individuals looking to understand whether their project is feasible. In principle, the approach remains the same.


Initial Land Appraisal

Do you have a responsible development or tourism opportunity worth pursuing? We’ve seen a lot of land around the world and know what the ingredients are for a successful destination. Bring us to your site, share your ideas and your local intelligence and we’ll use our unique 10-point assessment checklist to give you an early read on your opportunity.


Project Vision & Market Analysis

Shaping a clear vision for your project is critical. Even more critical is shaping a vision that has market relevance! We’ll help you to craft a vision that is sustainable and leverages international tourism trends. We’ll also work with specialist market analysts to make sure the vision has a sound economic footing and market position.


Indicative Master Plan / Development Yield

One of your biggest costs is going to be the construction, but how do you get a handle on these costs without bleeding money paying super-star architects? There is a lot you can extract out of a simple master plan if you know about infrastructure systems, hospitality area programs and construction rates. At this point we spend less time with the coloured pencils and more time with Xcel.

Financial Feasibility & Project Valuation

Sadly, most banks and private lenders aren’t as interested in green roofs or your panoramic views - in the end of the day, it’s a numbers game! We can help you with your EBITDA’s, your IRR’s and your ROI’s.


Attract the Right Investors

If you’re in conservation, tourism or sustainable development, chances are you’re pioneering, and you’ve got a conscience. You need to find an investor that thinks the same way. We can help get it to the right people; philanthropists, impact funds, venture capitalists.


Professional Team Selection & Coordination

Here come the architects in their black turtlenecks and the engineers speaking another language. Our team all have strong design backgrounds, we can translate the industry jargon make sure you have the right team of professionals with the right experience. This will save you time and money.


Planning & Entitlements

In our experience, local knowledge is key. We work with local planners to devise creative approval strategies to achieve approvals efficiently with a good amount of flexibility.


Project Branding, Market & Sales Strategy

We’re not personally trained in these dark arts, but we know a few witchdoctors that can sell ice to Eskimos. A clear concise message delivered through the correct channels is fundamental to getting your project on the right people’s radar.


Operations & Environmental Management Plans

From department structures, to constitutions, Home Owners Associations or sustainable management plans – it’s the invisible stuff that holds a project together in the long term. Let us help you figure out the backbone that supports your project and protects the long-term value of your asset.

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